These are not just Fashion Week Videos, these are Works of
Art. Designers didn't stop at designing clothes this year but the runway sets
are out of this world. Ralph Lauren amazed the world with his holographic
story-like show, while Dolce & Gabbana took a leap forward from their
already sexy & lavish campaigns to show D&G in a new way. They
introduce a serious dark entertaining theme turning models into actors and
actresses. The set design and presentation should be a "this is how it should
be" runway show with them allowing us into their world of the backstage fun
they all have in preparation. Christian Dior wowed me with the layout of his
runway set but the most surprising show by Moschino was quite simple while the
models didn't need much of a set, they had passionate personalities that made
it a show, with roller skates! The next runway show I saw was from Elle. They have a lot of hot looks this year, please enjoy & as always...PEACE