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Get ready for the Summer – Imagine That!

 Quickly get in Shape                                                                                 

Zumba anyone? Seriously, I thought it was a joke until I tried it and couldn’t move for 2 days! Sure it’s fun taking classes with other people but get the DVD or the Xbox Kinect and you can shed pounds daily with this great interactive program. Plus you can choose to go at it alone or invite a few friends over to have some Zumba workout fun!

Like most of us, we have put on a few pounds, so now is the time to shed them off and perhaps turn it into your daily regimen.

My favorite tips and also the ones I implement daily are the following and I do this everywhere I go; running errands, driving, basking on the beach, work and more.

Always tighten your core. Tighten up that lower tummy in, keep breathing but keep tightening too.

Tighten your buttocks, especially when you walk. You not only get the effect off beautiful buttocks but it also helps your upper thighs.

Wear heels, or wedges. This helps builds muscles in your calves and upper thighs.

At home I do leg raises, side leg raises and a few squats here and there. I also do about 10-20 push-ups every morning and every evening. Shrugs are great for your shoulders and chest. Use elastic bands for more arm toning, upper back toning and chest toning. Wind down your evening with a few yoga poses and stretches, relax and fall sleep.

If you would like to get more advanced, invest in some work out equipment or go to the gym. You can even get free passes to the gym, try it out and pick up some more tips you can do at home.

 To tan or not to tan

Many people are against going in a tanning bed and I understand why. One thing you should know is through the years tanning technology has become so advanced there’s really no reason not to try it. If you are completely opposed to a quick tan in the bed try getting a spray tan or better yet pick up some of the lotion that is sold at a tanning salon. The lotion works to get you a base tan until you’re as dark as you want to be but it also has a lot of SPF and UV ray protection and protective technology to keep your skin safe. Almost all of their lotions help regenerate healthy skin cells and is proven to tighten your skin and keep it healthy. Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my favorite tanning salons. They are not just for tanning anymore. tan vs bed

Regular skincare

Make sure to keep your body soft and healthy by using your favorite lotion. Whether it is from a tanning salon or it is one of your favorite lotions…use it. It is very helpful to use a lotion that has SPF in it. If you wear make-up make sure you still use SPF lotion under your make-up. Even if the make-up says it has an SPF in it, we never know how much it will protect you so use the lotion under your make-up. DO NOT forget to really lotion up those hands and feet. Try a hand and feet soak weekly and make sure you maintain the regimen of using lotion daily. lotions

Don’t forget to shave

Shaving has become a trend in more ways than one. So shave it up. Make sure you get rid of unwanted facial hair, bikini line, legs, arms (preference), chest for the men and anything else you think needs cleaning up. If you prefer to wax, try one of the well-known waxing salons all over San Diego County.


A new trend I am seeing on the streets is women who don’t work out but wear work out wear. Or woman that do work out and wear their work out wear everywhere. This year workout wear has spread like wildfire. You can practically pick it up anywhere. From drug stores and stores dedicated to work out wear you can now find workout wear at high end boutiques, through top designers websites and major stores and boutiques are coming out with their own lines of workout wear. It has become so common we now have more choices. So go to your favorite store and try out some work out wear for yourself. You can go the expensive route at such places as Calvin Klein, D & G, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and Chanel…need I go on? Or you can find cheap to middle priced wear at places like work out studios, Target, Sports Authority, Big Five and more. My favorite place that new work out wear has popped up is Tilly’s. We now don’t’ have to just wear black or neon to work out but we have all the choices in the rainbow. I also wanted to let you in on a little secret. If you get tight workout wear, the material they use helps your circulation therefore regenerating skin cells and tightening up your body. I recommend the basics; tight sports bras, the boy shorts underwear. Cute shorts, different color “Yoga” pants. Warm up and cool down tight zip ups or a different style of “jacket” or top shirt. Socks to improve circulation, a comfortable sturdy flexible type of tennis shoe and don’t forget to wear a cute hairstyle to sport you up. WOW collage ITBLOG

 In closing, I recommend facials, massages, seeing your hair stylist, preferably Doug Gordon from East of Bali, Tanning salon spa treatments, a massage here and there, keep your feet and hands clean and smooth, take good care of your teeth, pick up some workout clothes and equipment and do not eat. I’m kidding. Try to add more fruits and vegetables or actually eat those instead of little snacks of candy throughout your day. Make sure you keep snacks with you so you’re not forced to buy and eat a greasy snack. Carry around water at all times for hydration and keep a positive attitude. There are a lot of things that can bring us down but like the book says “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”. I agree.