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2015 11 09 1120

Images from the Past Present and Future from a few photo shoots and hair styling sessions. Thank you to all the beautiful models and makeup artists who helped with production. I did all the Hair and Photography. I love to shoot from the Hip Bardot Retro 60's and 70's and then travel to the present and future, working with natural light. The message is about Peace and Enlightenment!

Imagine That!

Doug's NEW Style Blog... Fashion Events, Trends & Inspiration...   CLICK HERE TO SEE MY 2017' SPRING TIPS    "The Gypsy Spirit "collection) The Modern Bohemian and Gypsies are coming! They Love colorful clothing and jewelry, they celebrate life and the earth. They are unconventional in spirit and love to dance, and they may inspire you and foretell your future! I have been doing photography and gypsy hairstyling over twenty years. Bohemian and Gypsy inspired project got my team of outstanding models inspired! b2ap3_thumbnail_photo-copy-2.JPG

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u=416815bff10aae6bc345cb4ca&id=7c6d260005&e=a18395be7f ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE..LOVE...  EBLAST b2ap3_thumbnail_95ce3163-706a-4c81-9f00-4406186fc963.jpgb2ap3_thumbnail_84af6a40-18c1-4297-987c-e62f17140481.png

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Greetings  Time to condition your hair and refresh your color and cut. Trends from the past to the future are looking great, there are some very sexy short medium to long hairstyles in the New Year. It may be time for some beautiful rich colors like deep Chocolate with soft highlights and the natural b2ap3_thumbnail_wpid-curata__ade90fb8a41841ed89dbfeba4b2cf32f.pngOmbre Color is still  hot and very popular!  Some retro looks keep coming back and have long been considered the staple of the futuristic designs, from the past to the future, with the high ponytail and full bangs looking amazing with the bold Bardot bump pompadours and classic blood red lips.b2ap3_thumbnail_fall_winter_2015_2016_hairstyle_trends_fashionisers.jpg Also on the runways there were some incredibly awesome sky-high 1960s hairstyles For the Men short to medium styles. b2ap3_thumbnail_2015-mens-haircuts-trends-hairstyle-8.jpgMost Men's hair designs are still cut tight on the sides with hair gel or paste for more texture, go from a sporty or elegant look. b2ap3_thumbnail_fall_winter_2015_2016_hairstyle_trends_braided_hairstyles1.jpgFor Women with long hair the trends are soft relaxed waves or textured braids, they are here there and everywhere. You will see this year some Cool future looks that are Inspired by Stars Wars, for some Intergalactic Braids in 2016’!                                                                                           May the Force be with you in 2016! See you at East of Bali...Doug Gordon  Please visit for monthly specials for you in 2016'

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May this year be the start for more healing and harmony with the planet and ourselves and each other...Imagine Peace and Love...b2ap3_thumbnail_10904436_10203669289714958_274074793117960679_o.jpg

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